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Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple Events
October  2016
29, Saturday - Deepavali
November  2016
3, Thursday - Shukla Chaturthi
18, Friday - Sankatahara Chaturthi
December  2016
3, Saturday - Shukla Chaturthi
7, Wednesday - Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Varusabisegham
12, Monday - Thiru Karthigai Deepam
17, Saturday - Sankatahara Chaturthi
Sri Thendayuthapani Temple Events
October  2016
28, Friday - Pradosham
29, Saturday - Deepavali
30, Sunday - Amavasai
31, Monday - Skantha Shashti 1st day, LetchaArchanai
November  2016
1, Tuesday - Skantha Shashti 2nd day, LetchaArchanai
2, Wednesday - Skantha Shashti 3rd day, LetchaArchanai
3, Thursday - Skantha Shashti 4th day, LetchaArchanai

CTS Donations for noble cause

* Singapore Red Cross (Nepal Earth quake)
* Tanglin Cairnhill CC - National Day
* Singapore Association of Visualy Handicapped
* NUS Tamil Language Society
* Singapore Tamilian Conference
* 11 Motorised chair for elderly/disabled during annual CTS Walk-a-jog
* Chennai Flood Relief Fund


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