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Sri Thendayuthapani Temple

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  • TAMIL MONTHEyeppasi-06

  • DATE06 Dec, 2016

  • TIME07:43 AM


Sri Thendayuthapani Temple gazetted as Singapore's 67th National monument

The National Heritage Board (NHB) announced in a statement, that Sri Thendayuthapani Temple has been gazetted as Singapore's 67th national monument, in recognition of the contributions of the Chettiar community to national development. Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong officiated at a ceremony to gazette the temple on 21st Oct, 2014. The building is now legally protected by the Preservation of Monuments Act, which means all works on it must be approved by the NHB's Preservation of Sites and Monuments (PSM) division. It is the highest order of preservation status in Singapore. Ms Jean Wee, Director of the Preservation of Sites and Monuments division, NHB, said: "Sri Thendayuthapani Temple is the embodiment of the indelible contributions the Chettiar community has made to Singapore's economic development, as well as an architectural treasure in our urban cityscape. By according the Nattukottai Chettiars' Hindu temple the highest order of preservation status as a National Monument, we will hence be safeguarding it for its pivotal function as a place of worship as well as social space for the Indian community, and also ensuring that our built heritage is preserved sensitively in our multicultural society." Ms Wee added that the temple itself is an architectural treasure. Rebuilt between 1979 and 1983 at a cost of about $3.3 million, it boasts a 23m-high gopuram, or entrance tower, which has five tiers decorated with colourful idols. The gopuram is also one of the tallest in South-east Asia and the grandest in Singapore. Temple Management, its Members and Devotees welcome the Gazette announcement