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  • TAMIL MONTHThai 01

  • DATE15 Jan, 2017

  • TIME03:13 PM


CTS awarded CTS education awards

As in the past, CTS (in full) awarded CTS education awards this year. It was graced by SMS Ms Indranee Rajah on 15 January 2017. Over 600 applicants from primary, secondary, JC, ITE and polytechnic students applied for bursary, scholarship and Tamil language awards. As a result of overwhelming response, CTS MC generously increased the quantum fit the education awards this year to S$65,000 and awarded bursaries, scholarships and TLA to over 100 students The occasion was a great success and attended by over 500 at STT. It fulfills the intended objectives of promoting inclusive society, to help financially needy and encourage students to do well studies which is a great leveler in society.